Pets are so loving; thus, many people now want to keep a pet. We love our pets, like our children, because they are cute and very adorable. But like our kids, we also want our pets to be disciplined and listen to our commands.

It can be so embarrassing if they do not listen to us and ignore us in front of other people such as our family, friends or neighbors. And it is a hard task to give proper training to the dogs, but you can just start from the basic steps, including obedience commands. This article will discuss the most common and essential obedience commands you must know as a pet owner.


The command ‘come’ is very useful and essential because it has a lot of benefits, such as you can save your pet from any kind of trouble or if they have gone far from you. You just have to say ‘come’, and he will come to you. But first, you have to make him learn this command properly.

Dogs cannot understand our language, but they are so smart, and they understand by continuing to practice what we want them to do. First, you have to put a collar and leash on your dog. Stand at some distance, then say ‘come’ and gently pull the dog towards you. Be patient if he does not respond on the first try, do it again and again, and if your dog comes after the command, then praise him, cuddle him or give him some treat.

This will help him ensure he has done the right thing, and next time it will be easier to call him. Then, after some days, try it off-leash when your dog learns it properly.


This command is very easy to teach, and it is suggested you must start your dog’s training with the command ‘sit’. This command can be very useful when you want your pet to calm down if you are doing some work or it’s time to make important calls. To teach this command, just hold the treat close to their face, and move it slowly upwards when he starts to focus on the treat.

As he follows the treat, his weight will be on the backside, and he will sit. Otherwise, you can say ‘sit’ and gently push his butt to make him sit. But do not forget to give him a treat as a reward for accomplishing the task. Try to make him sit before putting a leash on him, before eating time or when you have to go outside. This will help him to understand that you want him to relax and avoid jumping.

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No, and Leave it or Drop it

Dogs cannot eat and digest anything; thus, this command will help you to protect your dog from eating or biting harmful things and help you to stop doing such things you don’t want him to do. It can be a little hard to teach your dog this command, but it can be very useful if he learns it properly.

The best way to teach this command to your dog is to show him a treat in one hand, and when he comes near to grab it, close the hand and command ‘no or leave it. Then, do not give him any treat until he stops trying; when he stops, give him a treat from the other hand. Then, he will forget about the treats from the other hand.


This is similar to the ‘sit’ command; you can also teach the ‘stay’ command combined with the ‘sit’ command. After your dog starts to respond to your command, ‘sit’ properly and try to teach him this command. The ‘Stay’ command can be very useful to avoid any harm to your dog, and you can easily calm him and stop running behind you.

Your dog will learn it in a few days, be patient and keep him practicing. Some people also use a dog invisible fence to train their dogs to stay within the boundaries. To start with the training, when your dog is sitting, open your hand, face it toward your dog and command ‘stay’ if he stays in that position; give him a treat. Next, try moving farther from the dog, repeat it for a few times and reward him every time he follows you.


When your dog learns all basic commands and becomes old enough for playing or walking outdoors, then try to teach him to ‘heel’, which means walking calmly along with you. It is so embarrassing and tiring when your dog pulls you when he is on a leash. To start teaching him this command, hold his leash in one hand, and let him stay on the other side of yours.

Most people recommend their dog stay on its left side. Next, walk slowly, and hold a treat in your hand, where your dog is. Instruct and give him treats while walking slowly and calmly by your side. While walking, repeat the command ‘heel’, and if your dog starts to run and become distracted, attract him with treats. Regular practice will help him to learn faster.


In conclusion, as a pet owner, it’s important to ensure that your furry friend is well-trained and obedient. Teaching your dog basic obedience commands like “come,” “sit,” “no and leave it or drop it,” “stay,” and “heel” can help establish good behavior in your dog while preventing unwanted behaviors from developing.