Bloody Daddy Release Date: The highly anticipated action-packed movie starring Shahid Kapoor, ‘Bloody Daddy‘, has finally released its official teaser. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, known for his work on ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’, the film features Shahid Kapoor in a fierce Rudra avatar, taking down multiple goons in a hotel throughout the night. 

The teaser also provides a glimpse of Diana Penty and Sanjay Kapoor, adding to the excitement of the movie. If want to know more about the movie Bloody Daddy then this is the article for you, the release date of Bloody Daddy, its cast, and many other things will be discussed here.

Bloody Daddy Release Date

‘Bloody Daddy’ is an upcoming Hindi drama film that stars Shahid Kapoor and Diana Penty. The movie has been given a “U/A” certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification. For those wondering where to watch ‘Bloody Daddy’, the OTT platform and digital rights for streaming online all your questions will be answered in this article. Bloody Daddy is going to be released on 09th June 2023.

Bloody Daddy Release Date

Bloody Daddy Overviews

Movie’s NameBloody Daddy
Directed ByAli Abbas Zafar
ScreenplaySiddharth–Garima, Ali Abbas Zafar, Aditya Basu
DialogueSiddharth–Garima, Ali Abbas Zafar, Aditya Basu
Produced byAli Abbas Zafar, Himanshu Kishan Mehra, Gaurav Bose, Jyoti Deshpande, Sunir Khetarpal
StarringShahid Kapoor, Diana Penty, Sanjay Kapoor
MusicJulius Packiam, 
CinematographyMarcin Laskawiec
Release Date9th June 2023
Production CompanyOffside Entertainment, Jio Studios, Sradvn Production, AAZ Films
GenreAction Thriller

Bloody Daddy Cast

Blood Daddy is directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, he is known for movies like “Tiger Zinda Hai”, “Bharat”, “Sultan” and many more. The lead role is played by Shahid Kapoor, and the leading lady is played by Diana Penty.

Here is the List of the Cast of Bloody Daddy

  • Shahid Kapoor
  • Diana Penty
  • Sanjay Kapoor
  • Ronit Roy
  • Zeishan Quadri
  • Ankur Bhatia
  • Vivan Bhathena
  • Rajeev Khandelwal
  • Sartaaj Kakkar
  • Mukesh Bhhatt
  • Mario Silva

Bloody Daddy Story Line

‘Bloody Daddy’ is a highly anticipated action-thriller movie that is expected to be a remake of the French film ‘Nuit Blanche’ which translates to ‘Sleepless Nights’. The original film, released in 2011, featured Tomer Sisley in the lead role. However, ‘Bloody Daddy’ will feature Bollywood superstar Shahid Kapoor in the lead role.

The teaser of a new movie called ‘Bloody Daddy’ has come out, and it features an actor named Shahid Kapoor. In the teaser, Shahid Kapoor is dressed in a black suit and is shown fighting some bad guys with a knife. The teaser also hints that the character played by Shahid Kapoor has some personal issues to deal with. This movie is the first time that Shahid Kapoor and Ali Abbas Zafar are working together.

In ‘Bloody Daddy’, Shahid Kapoor plays the role of a father who is willing to go to any lengths to save his daughter from the clutches of the mafia. The movie promises to be an action-packed saga filled with blood, gore, and intense fight scenes. Fans of Shahid Kapoor and lovers of action-thriller movies are eagerly waiting for ‘Bloody Daddy’ to hit the screens and experience the adrenaline rush for themselves.

Bloody Daddy Teaser

Bloody Daddy Trailer

The Trailer of Bloody Daddy is not launched yet, only the teaser is out. The makers will be releasing the trailer soon.

Bloody Daddy Remake

In ‘Bloody Daddy’, Shahid Kapoor plays the role of a devoted father who is forced to go on the run in order to protect his child from the clutches of the mafia. It is anticipated that ‘Bloody Daddy’ will be a reimagining of the 2011 French action thriller ‘Nuit Blanche’, which translates to ‘Sleepless Nights’. The lead role in the original movie was played by Tomer Sisley.

Bloody Daddy Poster

Bloody Daddy Budget

Fans of Shahid Kapoor are eagerly waiting for his upcoming movie ‘Bloody Daddy’. The recently released teaser of the movie shows Shahid Kapoor in a black suit, walking through a hotel’s dark hallway, ready to take down criminals with a knife in hand. The teaser gives off an intense and thrilling vibe, leaving fans excited to see Shahid Kapoor in this action-packed role.

The movie has been compared to Hollywood’s ‘John Wick’ due to its captivating storyline and gripping action sequences and the fact that Shahid does all those actions wearing a black suit. Produced by Jyoti Deshpande and others under the banner of Jio Studios, ‘Bloody Daddy’ is estimated to have been made on a budget of approximately Rs. 60-70 Crores.

Fans of Shahid Kapoor are expecting an adrenaline-fueled ride with non-stop action, suspense, and captivating storytelling. The anticipation for the movie’s release is at an all-time high, and fans cannot wait to see Shahid Kapoor in this thrilling new role.

OTT Release Date

As the movie is being produced by Joi Studios, it is obvious that its online streaming rights are with them only. Bloody Daddy is going to be an OTT release and it is doing to be released on JIO Studios on 09th June 2023.


In conclusion, the upcoming Hindi action-thriller film “Bloody Daddy” is highly anticipated by fans, featuring Shahid Kapoor in the lead role and directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. The film’s teaser has created excitement among fans, showcasing Shahid Kapoor’s fierce fighting skills and promising an adrenaline-filled saga filled with blood, gore, and intense fight scenes. The film is set to release on June 9th, 2023, and fans are eagerly waiting for the trailer to be launched soon. With an estimated budget of around Rs.60-70 crore the movie is expected to be a blockbuster hit.


What is the Release date of Bloody Daddy?

Bloody Daddy is going to be released on 09th June 2023.

At what OTT platform will Bloody Daddy be released?

Bloody Daddy is going to be released on Jio Cinemas, as they are also one of the producers of the movie.

Who is the director of ‘Bloody Daddy’?

Ali Abbas Zafar is the director of Bloody Daddy.

Who are The actors in ‘Bloody Daddy’?

Shahid Kapoor is the leading actor in Bloody Daddy. It also stars Diana Penty and Sanjay Kapoor.

Is bloody daddy a remake?

Yes, Bloody Daddy is a remake of a 2011 French Nior film named Nuit Blanche (English: Sleepless Night).