The Long Island officials are making sure the Nassau County Cricket Stadium is super safe for the big India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup match on June 9. They’re worried about security threats, especially a possible “lone wolf attack”, where one person tries to hurt a lot of people. Even though there’s no solid proof of danger right now, they’re not taking any risks.

This is the first time the USA is hosting such a major cricket tournament, and it’s a big deal. The Nassau County Cricket Stadium will host eight matches, including the India vs Pakistan game, which always draws huge crowds. Because there are lots of people from India and Pakistan living in the USA, they’re expecting a big turnout for the match.

Bruce Blakeman, who’s in charge of Nassau County, and Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder talked about the threat of a ‘lone wolf attack’. They said they take all threats seriously and are doing a lot to keep everyone safe. They’re adding extra police officers and making sure the stadium, parking areas, and surrounding park are all secure.

Commissioner Ryder promised that June 9 would be the safest day ever in Nassau County. He said they’re taking the biggest security measures they’ve ever taken. Governor Kathy Hochul also said they’re doing everything they can to keep people safe during the World Cup matches. They’re working with law enforcement and taking extra security measures.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) also said they’re working closely with the authorities to make sure everyone at the event stays safe. They have a detailed security plan in place and are keeping an eye on any potential risks.