Jasprit Bumrah is a really good cricket player for India. He’s fast, can change things up, and is accurate with his throws. He’s important in all three types of cricket games for Team India. Some people think he could be a good captain for the team, especially in the longer Test matches. Rohit Sharma, the current captain, is getting older, so the team is thinking about who will come next. Bumrah is already a leader in the team, and he’s okay with being the captain again if they ask him.

I did it once, and it was a big honor,” Bumrah said in an interview. Playing Test cricket is great, but being the captain is even better. Yes, we lost the game, but we were doing well, and I liked being part of every decision. Sometimes, as a fast bowler, you just stand at fine leg and relax, but I liked being involved in everything. If they ask me again, I’ll do it for sure.

Not many fast bowlers have been captains before. Right now, Pat Cummins from Australia is one of the few fast bowlers leading teams in the world. Bumrah thinks it’s a good example, and he can see himself doing the same.

(Cummins) plays for Australia, and there are differences in the number of matches and stuff. Not many fast bowlers have done it before. But it’s good to see that fast bowlers are smart; they do a tough job and know what to do in the game,” said Bumrah.

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Bumrah was the captain for India in a Test match in March 2022. In the Test team, KL Rahul is also interested in being the leader. But when Rohit decides to stop being the captain, Bumrah will be one of the top choices for the job.