There was a time when brands needed to pay models and commercial photographers for marketing purposes. Bloggers had to travel from place to place or else their word-of-mouth about a product would not spread as effectively. This process raised costs for companies. However, since 2016 the trend of Virtual influencers has taken over. Let’s understand these trending Digital Avatars that are spreading across the countries.

Who is a Virtual Influencer?

Influencers on Instagram advertise different brands and products. It’s a long journey for them to gain likes and build trust. While a virtual influencer (or digital avatar as some would call it) is a fictional character that is designed by a graphic designer that is often used to promote brands and travel blogs. This process reduces the cost of hiring a person – their airfare, accommodation costs, etc. Moreover, it can be difficult for those who may not know about the particular brand or product to see past what seems like an authentic post that’s disguised as an image created by a real person. Instead, companies can mold these CGI (Computer Generated Imaginary) forms into whatever they want in order to reach out to their clients more effectively without having to spend much money!

For example, Kyra, the first virtual influencer in India who was recently introduced on Instagram in January of this year – has gained over 100k followers within 5 months of her imaginary journey into social media!

India’s First Virtual Influencer

After the trend of Meta influencers is gaining popularity on different social networks like Instagram, Twitter, etc, Kyra India’s first virtual influencer is getting the attention of every Indian. She is 21 years old and is a traveller and a model from Mumbai. She has also participated in Metaverse fashion week which also included Estee Lauder and Tommy Hilfiger.

So, who created Kyra? Business Head at Top Social India, Himanshu Goel has created Kyra Virtual Influencer in India. He is also the author of 5 different books and recently launched; The Women Who Saved My Life.

Himanshu stated that his first target to create Kyra was fashion. He has created her keeping the international trends in mind regarding fashion, leisure, and technology. A 21-year-old young girl who is ready to promote any international brand.

Kyra: Real or Robot

Kyra, India’s first Meta influencer is like a robot of the fashion world where she is shown sitting near a beach, posing in front of Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, mesmerizing Instagram followers with her gorgeousness. Some people on Instagram are appreciating her beauty but few are criticizing for her animated look.

Kyra Social Media Profile

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