There was a time when South cinema star Mirza Abbas Ali worked at a petrol pump, cleaned bathrooms, and worked as a mechanic to support himself.

In the film industry, an actor’s success depends on the box office performance of their films. However, when a film fails to do well, it negatively impacts the actors. The repercussions of film failures can be both professional and psychological, affecting actors in various ways.

Mirza Abbas Ali, a superstar in South cinema, faced a turning point in his career where he left acting at the height of his success. He encountered numerous challenges thereafter, working at a petrol pump, cleaning bathrooms, and serving as a mechanic to sustain himself.

Mirza Abbas Ali, born on May 21, 1975, in West Bengal, was captivated by the allure of the entertainment industry from an early age. He ventured into modeling during his college years and made his acting debut in the Tamil film ‘Kadhal Desam’ in 1996 alongside Tabu and Vineet. Abbas Ali dedicated approximately 18 years to his film career, and his song ‘Chui Mui Si Tum Lagti Ho…’ with Preeti Jhingyani became a tremendous success.

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As long as Abbas’s films were successful at the box office, everything was fine. However, when his films started to underperform and he began losing out on good projects, Abbas faced difficulties. The failures of certain films ultimately led Abbas to depart from the film industry.

In an interview with ‘The Federal,’ Abbas revealed that he moved to New Zealand after quitting the film industry in India. He shared, “I came here with my family, seeking a fresh start in life. I initially worked at a petrol station, where I also cleaned bathrooms. Later, I took up insulation work in homes and then found employment at a bike service center, where I worked as a mechanic for an extended period and gained valuable experience. Subsequently, I explored various roles in a call center before transitioning to my current position as a quality analyst.”

When questioned about his intentions of returning to acting, Abbas stated that he has yet to make a decision on the matter. However, he emphasized that he would not resume acting solely for monetary reasons. During his prime, Abbas had the opportunity to work alongside esteemed actors such as Tabu, Aishwarya Rai, Mammooty, and many other prominent figures in the film industry.