In addition to Ganguly, the company’s CFO, Amit Prabhu, and sales head, Atul Bajaj, have also resigned.

Abhishek Ganguly, who has been with German brand PUMA for 17 years, has resigned from his position as Managing Director of PUMA India and South East Asia. He will depart the company in August, and his role will be taken over by Balagopalan, who currently works with the parent company in Germany. Ganguly was appointed as Managing Director in September 2014, having joined the company in 2005.

During Ganguly’s tenure, PUMA’s sales have surpassed the combined sales of its competitors Adidas, Nike, and Reebok. The company is aiming to achieve revenue of over Rs 4000 crore this year.

In addition to Ganguly, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Amit Prabhu, and Sales Head, Atul Bajaj, have also resigned from their positions.

Ganguly is recognized for his role in increasing the company’s sales from Rs 600 crore in 2014 to over Rs 3000 crore in the previous year. During his leadership, the company’s number of retail outlets grew from 150 to over 480 stores.

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Ganguly pursued his higher education at IIM Lucknow from 2000 to 2002. He had completed his undergraduate studies in Mathematics.

Prior to his appointment as Managing Director, Ganguly had served as the Global Head of Cricket for PUMA.

Before joining PUMA, Ganguly had worked as a Regional Manager at Reebok India.

Karthik Balagopalan had pursued his studies at MDI Gurgaon prior to joining PUMA. He had also worked at Reebok before joining PUMA.

Before joining PUMA, Balagopalan had worked as an Area Sales Manager at Godfrey Phillips India.

According to reports, Abhishek Ganguly resigned from PUMA as he intends to start his own business in the athleisure sector.