We often don’t hear about wealthy teachers in the world of rich business people, actors, politicians, and doctors. Most teachers work in schools or colleges, but in the last twenty years, tutoring has become a big business. This has made many teachers very rich. One such person is Alakh Pandey. He failed to get into the famous IIT, but now he coaches thousands of students for the same tough exam and makes a lot of money.

Alakh Pandey is from Allahabad. His life story is like something from a movie. He grew up poor but worked hard to change his life. He started tutoring when he was in 8th grade to help his family because they didn’t have much money. His parents had to sell their house to pay for his and his sister’s education. He did well in school, scoring 91% in 10th and 93.5% in 12th grade.

Even though he wanted to go to IIT, he couldn’t pass the entrance exam. But he didn’t give up. He went to college in Kanpur but dropped out later. In 2017, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he started making educational videos on YouTube from a small room in Uttar Pradesh. He got popular and started a company called Physics Wallah, which is now worth a lot of money.

Alakh Pandey’s success isn’t just online. He has over 500 teachers and 100 technical experts working for him. His YouTube channel has more than 100 million subscribers. He’s worth more than Rs 2000 crore. His story shows how hard work and not giving up can change your life. The man who once struggled to pay for tuition now helps thousands of students achieve their dreams while becoming incredibly wealthy himself. As of March 2023, Physics Wallah was worth Rs 8,000 crore.