The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exam, known for its rigor, witnesses lakhs of aspirants vying for the prestigious position of IAS officers every year. Yet, only a select few, through sheer determination and hard work, manage to crack the tough nut that UPSC is.

Among the many inspiring stories of successful candidates, one stands out—Ankita Chaudhary, a resident of Meham, Rohtak. Hailing from a modest, lower-middle-class family, Ankita’s journey to becoming an IAS officer is nothing short of exemplary.

Ankita’s father, Satyavan, works as an accountant in a local sugar factory, while she completed her schooling at Rohtak’s Indus Public School. From a tender age, Ankita displayed a keen academic spirit and an unwavering desire for self-reliance.

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After obtaining her graduation degree in Chemistry from Delhi University’s prestigious Hindu College, Ankita resolved to take on the UPSC challenge. Her preparation began in earnest during her post-graduation at IIT Delhi, where she laid the foundation for her dreams.

In 2017, Ankita attempted the Civil Services examination for the first time, only to face disappointment. However, undeterred by the setback, Ankita Choudhary used the experience as a learning opportunity and decided to prepare further while also exploring government job opportunities.

During this phase, Ankita’s life took a tragic turn with the sudden demise of her mother in an unfortunate accident. The loss shattered her emotionally, but her father, acting as a pillar of strength, encouraged her to persevere and strive for a brighter future.

Fortified with her father’s support and her unwavering dedication, Ankita Choudhary geared up for her second attempt at the UPSC exam in 2018. This time, her hard work and resilience bore fruit, as she secured an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 14, realizing her dream of becoming an IAS officer.

Ankita Chaudhary’s inspiring journey serves as a beacon of hope for countless UPSC aspirants who face multiple challenges in their pursuit of success. Her determination, coupled with her father’s unwavering encouragement, is a testament to the adage that perseverance conquers all hurdles.

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With her success, Ankita Choudhary not only achieves her ambition but also brings pride to her family and community. Her story resonates as an inspiring example for aspiring civil servants across the nation.