In today’s world, where social media is a big deal, becoming famous online happens a lot. But standing out just because you’re good at something is rare. Lavisha Malik, also known as the ’22g Auto Sales Girl,’ did just that by showing off her amazing sales skills.

Lavisha Malik, a 24-year-old from Punjab, India, now lives in Canada. She became popular on social media as an influencer. Her big break came when she started working with 22g Auto Sales, a local car shop in Canada.

Lavisha isn’t just good at acting and modeling, she’s also great at selling stuff. People loved watching her videos on social media, especially when she talked about cars at 22g Auto Sales.

One video made Lavisha super famous. It was shared by the car shop’s social media account. In that video, Lavisha showed off her sales skills perfectly. People loved it, and soon everyone knew who Lavisha Malik was.

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Now, Lavisha has lots of fans on Instagram. People follow her not only because she’s beautiful and talented but also because she’s great at selling cars. She proved that even in the world of viral videos, real talent, especially in selling, can make you famous online.