Learn everything about Maya Tata, the Tata group’s youngest heir. At 34 years old, she is the niece of industrialist Ratan Tata and is also connected to a woman with a net worth of Rs 56,000. Find out more information below.

Ratan Tata, a widely adored industrialist, holds a prominent position globally. The Tata family has traditionally maintained a low profile, but Ratan Tata’s nieces and nephews were recently included in the Tata Medical Centre Trust, thereby granting visibility to these heirs of the Tata Group.

Among the three heirs, Maya Tata, aged 34, is the youngest. Alongside her siblings Leah and Neville Tata, Maya has been appointed as a member of the board by Ratan Tata himself. Additionally, Ratan Tata is personally mentoring them, guiding them in their roles within the Tata Group.

Who is Maya Tata? 

Maya Tata is the youngest among the three children of Noel Tata. She has been involved with the Tata Group in various roles. According to a report from Indiatimes.com, Maya pursued her education at the Bayers Business School in the UK and the University of Warwick.

Maya Tata’s mother is Aloo Mistry, who is the sister of former Tata Group Chairman Cyrus Mistry and the daughter of the late billionaire Pallonji Mistry. Interestingly, Maya Tata’s aunt, Rohiqa Mistry, who is married to Cyrus Mistry, has an astounding net worth of Rs 56,000 crores and is the second richest woman in India.

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Maya Tata began her career with Tata Opportunities Fund, which was the oldest private equity fund under the Tata Capital subsidiary of the Tata Group. However, the fund has since ceased operations.

Afterward, Maya Tata transitioned to Tata Digital, a company that has been allocated Rs 1,000 crore by the N Chandrasekaran-led group. It is reported that Maya’s father, Noel Tata, expressed a strong desire for her to continue working within the group. While at Tata Digital, the subsidiary introduced the Tata Neu app.

According to the Economic Times, Maya previously held responsibilities in portfolio management and investor relations at the fund.

Currently, Maya serves as one of the six board members of the Tata Medical Centre Trust, which oversees a cancer hospital based in Kolkata. The hospital was inaugurated by Ratan Tata in 2011.