Every year, millions of students take the IIT entrance exam, known as one of the most challenging engineering entrance exams globally. Aspirants often begin their preparations in Class 9 or 10 and frequently turn to top coaching classes to grasp the syllabus and ready themselves for the JEE. However, the financial burden of these preparations can be particularly challenging for middle-class families, let alone those with minimal family earnings.

Neeraj Jha, a remarkable individual from Bihar, stands out as an inspiring example of overcoming such challenges. Despite coming from a background where financial resources were limited — his father being a taxi driver in Kolkata and his mother a homemaker, both with basic education — Neeraj’s parents were determined to provide the best education they could for their children.

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Growing up in Kolkata and attending a good school, Neeraj faced the formidable task of preparing for the IIT Joint Entrance Exam. Through his unwavering commitment and hard work, Neeraj Jha not only overcame the obstacles but also achieved an impressive All India Rank of 1217 in the IIT JEE, a testament to his resilience and dedication. His success story serves as a source of inspiration for aspirants facing similar financial challenges, highlighting the transformative power of determination and education.