In an inspiring tale of determination and success, Korsa Lakshmi, a gifted tribal girl hailing from a remote area in Bihar’s Kothagudem district, has secured a place at IIT Patna, a prestigious engineering institute. Despite facing challenges, Lakshmi’s journey has been marked by unwavering dedication and support from the Bhadrachalam Tribal Gurukul Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Born to Kannayya and Shanthamma, a Koya tribal couple from Katayagud village in the Dummugudem Mandal, Lakshmi’s parents lacked formal education. While her mother managed the household and her father sold ice popsicles in nearby villages, Lakshmi’s thirst for knowledge led her on an exceptional path.

Lakshmi’s educational journey began at the Gurukul, where she diligently studied from seventh grade to intermediate. Her commitment shone through when she achieved a perfect 10/10 GPA on her SSC exams. Continuing her remarkable academic performance, she scored an impressive 992 out of 1000 in her Intermediate (MPC) exams during the 2021-23 academic year.

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The journey to IIT was a challenging one, but Lakshmi’s hard work paid off. Under the guidance of skilled instructors at the Bhadrachalam Tribal Gurukul CoE, she prepared rigorously for the JEE Mains and Advanced exams. Her dedication culminated in a remarkable ranking of 1371 in the JEE Advanced, securing her a coveted spot in IIT Patna’s BTech (EEE) program.

Lakshmi’s achievement has become a beacon of inspiration for young girls everywhere. Her story showcases that no dream is beyond reach, regardless of one’s humble background. The journey wasn’t undertaken alone; media reports reveal that Lakshmi’s educational endeavors received significant support from ITDA Bhadrachalam.

Prateek Jain, the Project Officer of ITDA, and David Raju, the Regional Coordinating Officer of Tribal Gurukuls and ITDA APO (General), lauded Lakshmi’s exceptional performance in the IIT exams. Her success not only highlights her personal triumph but also emphasizes the importance of accessible education and support systems for talented individuals aiming to break barriers.