The melodious tunes of ‘Chhaiya Chhaiya’ reverberate through the corridors of the White House as Prime Minister Modi arrives, accompanied by the captivating performance of the a cappella group Penn Masala, who beautifully render Shah Rukh Khan’s iconic song.

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the White House, the renowned South Asian a cappella group, Penn Masala, showcased their talent by performing the popular Bollywood song ‘Chhaiya Chhaiya’. This song originally appeared in the 1998 film ‘Dil Se’, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Manisha Koirala as the main actors. The iconic scene from the song features Shah Rukh Khan dancing energetically on top of a moving train, accompanied by Malaika Arora.

The captivating performance of Penn Masala, as they enchant the crowds at the White House with their rendition of the popular song ‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’, is captured in this video. The atmosphere is filled with delight as Prime Minister Modi arrives for his visit.

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Penn Masala is an a cappella group comprised of 11 talented singers who showcase their musical prowess without the accompaniment of instruments. The group’s vocalists encompass a range of voices, including bass-baritone, tenor, and tenor 2.

One noteworthy aspect of Penn Masala is that its lineup undergoes changes regularly. All 11 singers are students at the University of Pennsylvania, and each year, most of the members depart to create opportunities for fresh faces to join the group. This dynamic allows for a continuous infusion of new talent and ensures the group’s ongoing evolution and vibrancy.

Established in 1996, Penn Masala was founded by a group of students with a shared vision of blending Indian and Western music into a distinctive fusion. Since its inception, the group has launched multiple albums that have captivated a wide fan base across the globe. Their musical prowess has led them to perform at esteemed venues, including notable events like the White House and the Indian Filmfare Awards.