Many engineering students dream of getting into the famous Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Piyush Goyal, a young student, made this dream come true. He worked hard to pass the tough IIT JEE exam and got a great rank.

Piyush wanted to become an engineer. He did well in the IIT JEE exam in 2016 and got 453rd place, which is good for getting into the best IIT colleges in the country.

However, Piyush had to face a lot of problems while getting ready for the IIT JEE exam. His family didn’t have much money because his dad was in jail in Kota, Rajasthan. Kota is where many students go to study to become engineers and doctors. But coaching there costs a lot of money. Piyush couldn’t afford a good coaching center or a place to stay in Kota.

Piyush’s dad, Phool Chand Goyal, was very poor. So, Piyush had to stay in jail with his dad and study. His dad could leave during the day to work but had to come back to jail at night.

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For two years, Piyush studied in a jail cell. He used the 12,000 rupees he earned from a job in a small shop in Kota to pay for his studies. The jail guards saw how hard he worked and encouraged him to keep studying. After two years of hard work, Piyush passed the IIT JEE 2016 exam when he was just 18 years old. He finally got into IIT, making his dream come true.