Shruti Shiva, a content creator on YouTube, has garnered significant popularity with over 276,000 subscribers on the platform and an additional 67,000 followers on Instagram. Notably, she outpaces her husband, an IAS officer based in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, regarding earnings.

Commencing her YouTube journey just three years ago, Shruti has swiftly made a name for herself. Originally from Kotdwar in Uttarakhand, she pursued her master’s degree in the southern part of Florida, USA. 

Her initial foray into online expression began with blogging while she was still in America, a venture encouraged by her elder sister. This eventually evolved into video blogging, which proved to be a lucrative career move, surpassing the income of her IAS officer husband, as revealed in an interview.

Shruti Shiva’s romantic journey with her husband, IAS officer Abhishek Pandey, traces back to their student days. While Shruti was pursuing dentistry, Abhishek was a student at IIT Roorkee. Their paths crossed at an IIT festival where Abhishek, anchoring the event, caught Shruti’s attention. Impressed by his hosting skills, Shruti complimented him, and their interaction led to a blossoming love story.

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After finishing college, Abhishek Pandey got a job at Tata Steel and began preparing for the IAS exam. Meanwhile, Shruti went to America for further studies. They got married in 2020.