Tapeshwar Kumar’s incredible journey from the small village of Bargahi in Bihar to becoming a Technical Assistant at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) shows the strength of determination and a positive attitude in tough times.

Coming from a family with financial struggles, Tapeshwar’s parents, Shyam Bihari Kushwaha and Chandravati Devi, faced many challenges to provide him with an education. They even mortgaged their land, making big sacrifices to support Tapeshwar’s dreams.

Tapeshwar studied at a government school in Bargahi village. His hard work paid off when he passed the matriculation exam in 2018 from Bihiya High School. Continuing his studies, he completed a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from Patna New Government Polytechnic College in the 2018-21 batch.

The turning point in Tapeshwar’s life came during 9th grade when a teacher showed him videos of the Apollo mission on YouTube. This sparked his interest in space science, and he aimed to join ISRO, India’s top space program institution.

Dealing with money issues, Tapeshwar chose free online education, showing determination that led to success. His parents mortgaged 10 kattas of land in the village, earning Rs 40,000, which supported Tapeshwar’s education for a year.

In pursuit of his dream, Tapeshwar took the TCS exam for ISRO, displaying resilience and dedication. After a written exam in Kolkata and a skill test in Tamil Nadu’s Nagarkoil, he was selected as a Technical Assistant. The final result, declared on December 22, marked the end of his hard work.

Tapeshwar thanked his parents for their unwavering support, crucial to his success. He also recognized the significant contributions of his uncle, Nand Ji Mahato, who managed finances and ensured Tapeshwar’s continuous education, even mortgaging land when necessary.

Tapeshwar Kumar is ready to contribute to Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, as he starts his journey as a Technical Assistant at ISRO by the end of January.