Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed admiration for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, applauding his resolute stance in safeguarding the interests of the Indian people. Putin highlighted PM Modi’s unwavering commitment to policies that ensure the welfare of the nation, describing it as a crucial factor in fostering strong ties between Moscow and New Delhi.

In a recent media interview, President Putin lauded PM Modi’s leadership style, asserting that he cannot envision any external pressures or threats swaying the Indian Prime Minister to make decisions contrary to the national interests of India. Putin emphasized that PM Modi’s resilience and commitment to protecting the country’s interests make him impervious to intimidation or coercion.

“I cannot imagine that Modi can be intimidated, threatened, or forced to take any action or decision against the national interest of India and the Indian people. I know there is such pressure on them,” remarked President Putin during the interview.

The Russian President’s praise for PM Modi underscores the mutual respect and camaraderie between the leaders of the two nations. It also highlights the importance of having strong and principled leaders in the global political landscape. The acknowledgment of PM Modi’s steadfast approach adds a diplomatic dimension to the enduring partnership between India and Russia.

The relationship between India and Russia has deep historical roots, marked by strategic cooperation in various sectors, including defense, trade, and energy. Putin’s recognition of PM Modi’s firm stance reaffirms the confidence in the bilateral ties and suggests that diplomatic relations between the two countries are underpinned by a shared commitment to national interests and sovereignty.

As geopolitical dynamics continue to evolve, the affirmation of PM Modi’s leadership by President Putin serves as a testament to the strength and resilience of India’s diplomatic standing on the global stage. The mutual admiration between the leaders contributes to the foundation of a robust and enduring partnership between India and Russia.