Rohit Sharma came back to play for India in T20I after a while. He did well in most areas, but there was one important thing he couldn’t do right.

Before the upcoming T20 World Cup in June, India chose Rohit and Virat Kohli for the first time since the 2022 T20 World Cup. However, Kohli couldn’t play in the recent match against Afghanistan due to personal reasons. So, all eyes were on Rohit as he captained the team in Mohali.

Rohit faced a challenge when Yashasvi Jaiswal couldn’t play due to a sore groin. This was unexpected, but local player Shubman Gill stepped in as a good replacement.

Rohit made a good decision by winning the toss and choosing to bowl first. This was smart because, in the past, the team batting second won more often in Mohali. Rohit also broke India’s losing streak with coin tosses.

Talking about the match, Rohit said it was essential for the team to win. He mentioned that he discussed team strategy with coach Rahul Dravid and understood the importance of winning.

In terms of players, Rohit made a playful comment about who was not playing. India went with two main fast bowlers and three spinners, indicating a possible strategy for the T20 World Cup.

The weather in Mohali was very cold, making fielding challenging. Rohit mentioned that he couldn’t feel his fingers at one point. Despite this, India controlled the game well.

Rohit showed good captaincy by managing the over rate, ensuring the team bowled within the required time.

However, what everyone wanted to see was Rohit’s batting performance. Unfortunately, he got out early in the chase, trying to take a quick single that didn’t work out. He showed frustration on the field but later explained that these things happen in cricket.

In the end, India won the match, and Rohit emphasized the importance of team victory. There are two more matches in the series before the T20 World Cup, and Rohit missed an opportunity to showcase his form in the first game.