Legendary Brazilian footballer Ronaldo was asked about Virat Kohli, the star Indian cricketer. Ronaldo’s response was, “Who?” The YouTuber who asked the question seemed surprised. It’s surprising because Virat Kohli is not just a great cricketer, but he also has a huge following on social media. Kohli has 265 million followers, making him the fourth most followed sportsperson in the world.

Fans might remember when tennis player Maria Sharapova said in 2014 that she didn’t know who Sachin Tendulkar was. This became a big deal on social media in India back then.

Ronaldo, who won the World Cup and was the highest scorer in 2002, probably doesn’t want this to become a big issue like Sharapova’s case. Luckily, he quickly recognized Kohli when shown his photo by the YouTuber.

The conversation between Speed and Ronaldo went like this:

Speed: “Do you know Virat Kohli?

Ronaldo: “Who?”

Speed: “Virat Kohli, from India.”

Ronaldo: “No.”

Speed: “You don’t know Virat Kohli!”

Ronaldo: “What is he? A player?”

Speed: “He is a cricket player.”

Ronaldo: “He is not very popular here.”

Speed: “Yeah, yeah. he is like the best. You have never seen this dude?” (pointing to Kohli’s photo)

Ronaldo: “Yeah Yeah”

After playing well against South Africa in tough conditions, Kohli is in India’s T20I squad for the series against Afghanistan starting in Mohali. Kohli and Rohit Sharma are likely to play in the T20 World Cup in June. Kohli will miss the first T20I for personal reasons but will be available for the second match.

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In Kohli’s absence, Shubman Gill will bat at No.3, but he will make way for Kohli when he returns. This series against Afghanistan is India’s last T20I before the World Cup.