After two days of non-stop rain in Tamil Nadu, many areas are flooded, and officials are working hard to rescue people. The heavy rain caused problems, leading to about 10 deaths and trapping a lot of people, including those on a train, for days. The situation is very difficult for families and individuals affected. Although there might not be more rain on Wednesday, the weather department warns of possible issues in Thirunelveli district.

The latest updates from Tamil Nadu show that nearly 1,000 passengers were stuck at Srivakuntam railway station because of the rain. But now, a special train with medical and food teams is helping them. The Indian Air Force and Army are also assisting in rescuing people affected by the floods. They’ve been using helicopters to drop supplies and rescue people, even women and children from places where they were stranded.

Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, MK Stalin, has asked the Prime Minister for around ₹2,000 crore from the National Disaster Relief Fund to help the affected districts. This money would support people’s lives and repair damaged public places. The Governor canceled a Christmas celebration due to the severe situation caused by the rains and floods. Stalin also criticized the weather department for not giving enough warning about the heavy rain that caused problems in four districts over the weekend.