Abhishek impressed interviewers from Germany and Ireland with his blockchain project during the interview, as reported.

In 2022, Abhishek Kumar, a student from NIT Patna, made history by securing a job offer of Rs 1.8 crore from Amazon. This is the highest package ever received by an NIT student. The salary package of Rs 1.8 crore is remarkable because it surpasses the offers given to students from prestigious institutions like IITs and IIMs.

Abhishek Kumar is originally from Jhajha and pursued his studies in the Computer Science branch. On April 21, 2022, Abhishek received the official confirmation of his selection by Amazon. He had taken the coding test in December 2021 and subsequently went through three rounds of one-hour interviews on April 13, 2022. It is reported that Abhishek’s interviewers were experts from Germany and Ireland, and he successfully impressed them with his project on the blockchain.

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Abhishek Kumar’s LinkedIn profile includes the following description: “I am a software engineer with approximately 1 year of experience. I have expertise in Java, C++, Spring Boot, JavaScript, Linux, and various databases. My knowledge extends to networking, backend development, and database engineering. I am constantly seeking new challenges in the field of software development.”

Prior to Abhishek Kumar, Aditi Tiwari from NIT Patna had secured the highest salary package of Rs 1.6 crore from Facebook.

Aditi Tiwari, a student of Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) at NIT Patna, was selected to work as a Front End Engineer at Facebook. Aditi’s father is employed at Tata Steel, and her mother is a government school teacher.

Prior to Aditi Tiwari, Sampreeti Yadav, a student from NIT Patna and a native of Patna, had secured a package of Rs 1.11 crore at Google.