Mukesh Ambani is a famous Indian businessman known all around the world. He runs Reliance Industries, which is India’s most valuable company. It’s worth a lot—more than Rs 179,000 crore! Mukesh Ambani is the richest person in India and Asia. His total worth is over Rs 829,514 crore! 

His family is connected with some other really rich families in India like Viren Merchant, Russell Mehta, and others. One of these wealthy families, the Poddars, has a link with Mukesh Ambani’s family, but it’s a bit distant.

Arvind Poddar is part of the Poddar family and has a net worth of Rs 29,126 crore. His dad, Mahabirprasad Poddar, started Balkrishna Industries, which is also called BKT. This company is worth around Rs 49,654 crore. BKT makes tires for farming, mining, and construction vehicles. 

Arvind Poddar is the boss there. Now, you might wonder how Arvind Poddar is related to the Ambani family. Well, Arvind Poddar’s son, Rajiv Poddar, is married to Manoj Modi’s daughter. Manoj Modi is close to Mukesh Ambani and makes important decisions for his company. Mukesh Ambani even gave Manoj Modi a house worth Rs 1,500 crore near Antilia to show his appreciation.

Billionaire Arvind Poddar
Image Source: Agri Machinery Africa

Arvind Poddar is the 59th richest Indian according to Forbes. His company opened a new factory in 2021 in Maharashtra to make tires for farming and industry vehicles. Unlike other rich people, Arvind Poddar and his family don’t like being in the spotlight. They stay away from the paparazzi and public attention.

Arvind Poddar is the big boss, the chairman, and the managing director of the company. His son, Rajiv Poddar, helps manage the company too. Rajiv Poddar’s wife, Khushboo Poddar, also has an important role as a joint managing director in their company. Balkrishna Industries started making tires in 1951, first for bicycles in 1963. In the 1990s, they started making off-road tires and now they sell these to countries in Europe and the Americas.