In a recent development, notorious underworld figure Dawood Ibrahim has been hospitalized in Karachi, Pakistan, reportedly due to a severe health issue. Unconfirmed reports suggest that he may have been poisoned. The news gained traction after Pakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi shared details in a viral video.

Kazmi stated, “It is heard that someone has poisoned Dawood Ibrahim. His health has deteriorated greatly, and his condition remains critical. He has been kept in a hospital in Karachi. This news is making rounds on social media, and to what extent this is true, it is not known at the moment.

The journalist highlighted the challenges in verifying the information, citing fear as a factor preventing people from confirming Dawood’s hospitalization. She mentioned that individuals are reluctant to discuss the matter openly due to potential repercussions.

Kazmi further pointed out unusual disruptions in online services in Pakistan, including Twitter, Google, and YouTube being inaccessible. She questioned the sudden shutdown of these services, suggesting that it could be linked to efforts to conceal information. She expressed concern, stating, “Why have all these services gone down suddenly? Something is wrong. There is something that is being hidden. All this cannot happen suddenly.

Arzoo Kazmi, known for her outspoken views on various topics, is a prominent journalist in Pakistan. Born in 1980 in Islamabad, she has roots in India, with her family having migrated during the Partition in 1947. Kazmi holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Journalism from Punjab University and began her career as a co-editor of Nihao-Salam magazine. She has since become a mainstream anchor and media consultant, known for her bold presentation style.

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The situation surrounding Dawood Ibrahim’s health remains uncertain, with ongoing speculation and concerns about the reported poisoning. The unexplained disruptions in online services in Pakistan have added to the intrigue, prompting further scrutiny of the circumstances surrounding these events.