Bebika Dhurve has become the center of attention within the Bigg Boss house, but even before that, she garnered significant media attention for her career decisions and remarkable physical transformation.

The much-anticipated second season of Bigg Boss OTT commenced last week, generating significant online buzz and maintaining its popularity. From the charismatic hosting by Salman Khan to the unfiltered content and the intriguing line-up of contestants, several factors contribute to the show’s appeal. Among the contestants is Bebika Dhurve, an actress who initially pursued dentistry before transitioning to another profession and eventually entering the glamour industry.

Family Background of Bebika Dhurve

Bebika Dhurve comes from a Maharashtrian family and is blessed with five sisters. Her father, Shriram Dhurve, is a professional astrologer.

When did Bebika start to learn cooking?

Bebika’s culinary skills have garnered praise from everyone inside the Bigg Boss house. It’s fascinating to note that she is highly proficient in managing household chores. According to reports, Bebika began learning cooking at the age of 10. In an interview, she disclosed that she used to prepare a total of 40 rotis each morning and evening to cater to her large family.

Sports lover Bebika Dhurve

Bebika has a passion for football and has showcased her exceptional skills in the sport during her school days. In an interview, she disclosed that she had emerged victorious in an interstate football match, and as a reward, her parents had bestowed her with pocket money.

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Bebika Dhurve was a dentist and then an astrologer

Bebika embarked on her professional journey as a dentist after successfully completing her Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree at the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science in Bengaluru. However, she felt compelled to follow in her father’s footsteps and transitioned into the field of astrology. Bebika specializes in face reading and palm reading, and her remarkable skills in these areas were even highlighted and discussed within the show.

Bebika Dhurve’s television stint

Recognizing her true passion for being in front of the camera, Bebika ventured into the world of television with her debut role as Devika Oberoi in Bhagya Lakshmi (2021). Unfortunately, her time on the show was short-lived due to disagreements with her co-stars, leading to her departure from the project.

Bebika Dhurve’s interesting take on body transformation

Bebika has faced challenges in establishing herself on television, primarily due to being typecast as a curvaceous and plump girl. In an interview with the Times of India, she shared that during a previous serious relationship, she maintained a size-zero figure due to stress. However, after the breakup, Bebika shifted her focus towards self-love and regained her weight. Presently, she is actively participating in the competition alongside contestants like Akansha Puri, Cyrus Brocha, Jad Hadid, and others in Bigg Boss OTT 2. The show is currently available for streaming on Jio Cinema.