The music industry has a lot of money now. Long ago, singers like Lata Mangeshkar had to fight to get fair pay from producers. Even in the West, things have changed from the time when famous blues singers sold records but didn’t earn much. Nowadays, popular singers make millions for each show. The biggest stars can charge a massive Rs 200 crore for just one performance.

In January 2023, Beyonce Knowles, known as Beyonce, performed at the grand opening of Atlantis The Royal luxury hotel in Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah. Only the richest people in the Middle East and investors from around the world were invited. According to Forbes, Beyonce charged at least $24 million (over Rs 200 crore) for the performance, making it the most expensive private show ever. Beyonce sang 17 songs, mostly slow songs, at Atlantis, her first concert in over four years. Many journalists, influencers, and famous people were also invited, and the event became a sensation worldwide.

Beyonce’s Early Life and Success

Beyonce was born in 1981 in Texas to Tina Knowles, a hairdresser, and Mathew Knowles, a sales manager. Her parents were not rich, but Beyonce showed her musical talent from a young age. At 8, she joined a girls’ singing group called Girl’s Tyme. In 1996, the group changed their name to Destiny’s Child and released their first single the following year. The group became very popular over the next five years, making Beyonce a star. In 2003, Beyonce started her solo career and won many Grammy awards over the years. Today, she is worth $800 million (Rs 6500 crore) and owns a private jet among other things.

Beyonce at the Ambani Wedding

Image Source: Indiatimes

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In December 2018, Beyonce performed at Mukesh Ambani’s daughter Isha Ambani’s wedding in Udaipur. Beyonce came to India and sang some of her hits at a small private concert attended by the Ambani family’s close friends, Indian celebrities, and family. Beyonce reportedly charged between $3-4 million (Rs 22-30 crore) for the performance, much less than her Dubai show four years later.