In a remarkable journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship, Chakradhar Gade, a former Infosys employee, has become an inspiration for young minds. Gade’s innovative idea of selling pure and unadulterated milk has led to the establishment of a thriving business.

Who is Chakradhar Gade? 

Back in May 2013, Chakradhar Gade made a pivotal decision by leaving his corporate position and co-founding a company focused on selling untainted, natural milk. After completing his engineering degree, Gade joined Infosys in 2004, as reported by Navbharat Times. However, he chose to leave his job after about a year and pursued postgraduate studies at IIM Indore.

After completing his studies, Gade landed a role as a Vice President at Indxx Capital Management with a substantial salary. However, after six years in this position, he realized it wasn’t the right fit for him, as per media sources. It was during this phase that he crossed paths with Nitin Kaushal, and their friendship led to the birth of a business idea.

Genesis of ‘Country Delight’ 

Gade’s personal struggle with the issue of adulterated milk in Delhi-NCR sowed the seeds of his entrepreneurial journey. The concept of his company took root from this very problem. In the initial two years, Gade and Kaushal personally delivered fresh milk to people’s homes. The year 2013 marked the official launch of their venture, Country Delight.

Gade made consistent efforts to connect with customers by delivering milk and understanding their preferences. He keenly observed the growing concerns about adulterated milk and conceived the idea of bridging the gap between farmers and consumers by directly delivering farm-fresh milk.

Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Success 

Although Gade’s decision to leave his stable job was met with resistance from his family, their belief in him kept him moving forward. Fueled by this confidence, Gade took calculated risks, which eventually led to the creation of a business worth Rs 5,000 crore.

In the initial stages, Gade and Kaushal juggled between part-time milk selling and their regular jobs. However, by 2015, they took the bold step of leaving their jobs to fully dedicate themselves to their business. Through their venture, Country Delight, they aimed to provide customers with natural, fresh, and unadulterated milk, delivered within 24 to 48 hours of procurement from farmers.

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Operating on a subscription model through an app, the company has expanded its offerings to include various essential products. With a dedicated team of over 6,000 delivery partners, Country Delight manages to fulfill an impressive 5 crore orders every month. Presently, the company operates in 15 cities, including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Noida, Gurugram, Hyderabad, and Chennai.

Financial Success and Market Impact 

Gade’s relentless efforts paid off as his company, Country Delight, raked in a staggering income of Rs 600 crore in the fiscal year 2022. This achievement elevated the market value of Country Delight to an impressive $615 million (approximately Rs 5,000 crore). Today, Chakradhar Gade stands as a shining example of how innovation, determination, and a deep understanding of consumer needs can lead to remarkable entrepreneurial success.