Dhaniram Mittal, a resident of Bhiwani in Haryana, has become quite infamous with the police in Delhi, Haryana, and Rajasthan. He’s known as a big-time thief, having pulled off more than 1000 vehicle thefts on his own.

He’s been arrested in 94 cases and has spent time in jail for his involvement in theft and fraud.

Mittal came into the spotlight when he posed as a judge and made decisions in his own case. In just 40 days, he managed to get bail for thousands of prisoners.

Because of this, people now consider him the biggest thief not just in India but globally.

His journey into a life of crime started when he couldn’t secure a government job despite trying hard. To improve his life, he resorted to forging documents, even getting a fake driving license.

With these fraudulent tactics, Mittal landed a job as a Station Master in the Railways. Even though he had an LLB degree and expertise in Handwriting Analysis and Graphology, he used his knowledge to steal cars and sell them with fake documents. What’s surprising is that he did these car thefts during the daytime.

Mittal’s criminal activities didn’t stop at vehicle theft. He took it a step further by creating fake documents to become a judge. Exploiting this new identity, he temporarily replaced the Additional Sessions Judge of Jhajjar Court in Haryana.

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During these two months, he released more than 2000 criminals on bail and also sent others to jail with his decisions. However, once his deception was uncovered, Mittal managed to escape. Those criminals he had released on bail were later put back in jail.