Madhya Pradesh-based firm Dilip Buildcon has unveiled its financial results for the first quarter. The construction behemoth’s total sales over a span of three months stood at Rs 2200 crore. The net profit recorded was Rs 12.31 crore. These outcomes come several months subsequent to the company securing a substantial infrastructure project worth Rs 700 crore from the government of Madhya Pradesh. Notably, Dilip Suryavanshi, the founder of the enterprise, spearheaded this accomplishment. Meanwhile, his associate, Devendra Jain, also boasts of a captivating journey of growth.

Dilip Suryavanshi, currently holding the positions of Chairman and Managing Director at Dilip Buildcon Ltd, possesses extensive experience spanning 44 years. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the esteemed University of Jabalpur. The establishment of the company dates back to 1987, eventually being officially incorporated in 2006. Originally christened as Dilip Builders, the company operates within the domain of constructing residential, commercial, and infrastructure projects. Remarkably, it enjoys listings on both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange.

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In his youth, Suryavanshi harbored no intentions of working under someone else’s purview, an inclination likely influenced by his father’s occupation within the police force. Upon completing his studies in 1979, he joined his sibling’s soya bean enterprise in Bhopal. Unfortunately, the venture succumbed to closure due to adverse drought conditions. Subsequently, he embarked on his journey of establishing a construction enterprise. The year 1995 marked the induction of Devendra Jain, a 21-year-old engineer, into Suryavanshi’s team. Recognizing Jain’s immense significance, Suryavanshi elevated him to a partnership role, entailing a 31 percent stake in the company, as reported by Forbes. Jain’s academic background includes an engineering degree from Vikram University, Ujjain.

Both Suryavanshi and Jain have secured their positions as millionaires, a fact corroborated by the Hurun list of 2021. According to this prestigious list, Jain’s net worth is appraised at Rs 2300 crore, while Suryavanshi’s stands notably higher at Rs 4100 crore.