In a heartwarming gesture, a 16-year-old Indian American girl has managed to collect a sum exceeding USD 10,000 and has transferred it to the PM Cares fund, which aims to aid the victims affected by the tragic triple train accident that occurred in Odisha’s Balasore district. The girl, Tanishka Dhariwal, handed over the raised funds to Randhir Jaiswal, the Consul General of India in New York. These funds were contributed by her friends from various backgrounds.

“Initiating a GoFundMe webpage was within my reach. I reached out to schools, districts, relatives, and friends, managing to raise over USD 10,000. I am hopeful that this money can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those deeply impacted by this incident. I firmly believe that even a small contribution can go a long way, and I hope this marks a positive start,” Dhariwal conveyed to ANI.

The donation event witnessed the presence of Haridas Kotewala, a patron member of RANA; Ashok Sancheti, an advisor at Jaipur Foot USA; Ravi Jargarh, the joint secretary of RANA; and Chandra Sukhwal, a senior member of RANA. Tanishka Dhariwal, accompanied by her parents Nitin and Sapna Dhariwal, was also in attendance.

Prem Bhandari, the president of RANA and founding chair of Jaipur Foot USA, emphasized the exceptional endeavors undertaken by young Indian Americans like Tanishka. “In Tanishka’s sincere gesture, the value lies not in the quantity but in the sentiment it carries. This episode also underscores the enduring bonds that continue to exist between U.S.-born Indian youth and their homeland. Amid India’s ongoing journey towards self-sufficiency under PM Modi, these connections hold profound significance,” Prem Bhandari expressed to ANI.

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Bhandari lauded India’s self-reliance and its substantial role in global humanitarian aid. Over the past decade, India’s outreach has extended to more than 100 nations, resulting in assistance exceeding USD 25 billion. Particularly remarkable is India’s unwavering support during the Covid-19 pandemic. The nation extended significant medical aid and vaccines through the Vaccine Maitri Programme to over 150 countries and also supplied essentials to various nations in dire need.

Former RANA president KK Mehta was the initial NRI to generously donate Rs 1 crore on the day PM Narendra Modi announced the PM CARES Fund during the peak of the pandemic in India.

Tanishka is a young member of the Rajasthan Association of North America, widely known as RANA, a potent and influential organization representing non-resident Rajasthanis globally. It holds the mission of uniting and empowering those from Rajasthan living outside India.

Following the inception of the PM CARES Fund in Delhi on March 28, 2020, it gained global attention, especially among members of the Indian diaspora worldwide. A significant moment unfolded as RANA members KK and Chandra Mehta emerged as trailblazers. On March 30, they contributed INR 1,00,00,000 to the cause, embodying their commitment to making a substantial impact.

Prem Bhandari praised 16-year-old Tanishka’s resilience in light of the Odisha tragedy. Tanishka has pledged to continue her fundraising efforts for the victims of the Odisha tragedy, where at least 288 individuals lost their lives in a collision involving three trains. Another 1,200 people sustained serious injuries in the mishap.