A man named Param Kalyan Singh wrote in a Facebook post that he came across the woman in Kolkata.

Dipta Ghosh, an engineer from Kolkata, who now works as an Uber driver, is an inspiration for those who refuse to let circumstances bring them down. With a promising career ahead of her, as an engineering graduate who worked for several companies over six years, a tragedy altered the course of her life. Despite this setback, she remained determined and broke through the proverbial glass ceiling by entering a male-dominated industry. Her story has made her an internet sensation.

A man named Param Kalyan Singh wrote a Facebook post in which he described encountering the woman while in Kolkata. He was impressed by the way she spoke and decided to ask about her educational background. To his surprise, he learned that she was an engineering graduate.

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She explained to the man that her father had passed away in 2020, leaving her, her mother, and her sister in dire financial straits. If she had taken a job outside of Kolkata, she would have had to leave her family behind. As family was her top priority, she decided to purchase an Alto in 2021 and become an Uber driver. She obtained a commercial license and began operating on the roads of Kolkata.

She works six days a week for around seven hours a day and earns approximately Rs. 40,000 per month. This income enables her and her family to live a dignified life.

Dipta Ghosh commented on the post, stating that she owed her success to her mother who was always by her side. She also expressed gratitude towards her father, sister, and mother in the same post.