The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination, often hailed as India’s toughest, witnesses lakhs of aspiring candidates every year with dreams of becoming IAS officers. However, only a select few manage to crack the rigorous test. Among those successful candidates is Dr. Hari Om, an IAS official from the 1997 batch, whose inspiring journey sheds light on perseverance and passion.

Dr. Hari Om’s story is one of triumph over obstacles. Before joining the esteemed civil services, he harbored dreams of becoming a singer. His mellifluous voice can now be enjoyed through his singing videos on social media. One such video, shot in the scenic backdrop of Kashmir’s Dal Lake, even went viral, further endearing him to his audience.

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Hailing from the quaint village of Katari in Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi district, Hari Om pursued his graduation in Allahabad, where he first felt the allure of civil services. Encouraged by his father to prepare for IAS and PCS examinations, Hari Om remained steadfast in his academic pursuits, garnering praise from his professors who recognized his potential.

It was the vibrant atmosphere of Allahabad University that truly ignited his passion for civil services. Surrounded by peers engrossed in discussions about IAS and PCS, Hari Om decided to embark on the journey of preparing for the coveted UPSC examination. His determination bore fruit as he cracked the exam and was selected for the IAS in 1997.

Serving as a district magistrate in various districts of Uttar Pradesh, Hari Om continued to nurture his love for music and writing. An ardent lover of ghazals, songs, bhajans, and kirtans since childhood, he pursued a doctorate in Hindi literature, which further kindled his interest in ghazals. Listening to legends like Jagjit Singh, Hussain Brothers, Ghulam Ali, and Mehndi Hasan became an integral part of his life.

When asked about balancing his responsibilities as an IAS officer with his passion for music, Hari Om stated, “Maintaining a hobby while working full-time is not an easy task, especially with administrative duties. However, the love for music keeps me motivated and energized to serve with dedication.”

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Dr. Hari Om’s story serves as a shining example for many aspiring civil servants who face challenges on their journey to success. His dedication to both public service and music has inspired countless individuals across the nation, proving that one can follow their passions even while fulfilling their duties towards society.