After a series of negotiations to reinstate Sam Altman as the CEO of OpenAI following his unexpected dismissal, the company’s board has opted for a different direction. Emmett Shear, the former CEO of Twitch, will now take up the interim CEO role. This decision has left OpenAI’s latest valuation, which was previously around Rs 240,000 crore, uncertain, with a new valuation of up to $90 billion now in limbo.

According to The Information, Sam Altman will not be returning as the CEO of OpenAI, and the co-founder and board director Ilya Sutskever has announced that Emmett Shear will assume the role of interim CEO. This decision comes after negotiations and attempts to bring back Altman failed. Mira Murati, who was aligned with Altman, will be replaced by Shear as the CEO. Murati’s dismissal occurred shortly after she invited Altman to meet with OpenAI executives at the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

Emmett Shear is known for co-founding Twitch and Justin. tv, served as Twitch’s CEO until March of the current year. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Yale University in 2005 and later joined Y Combinator as a part-time partner in June 2011, providing guidance to new startups. Shear was recognized on Forbes Magazine’s 30 Under 30 list in 2012.

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In 2005, Shear, along with Justin Kan, launched Kiko Calendar, an online Ajax-based calendar app. Their venture faced challenges, leading to the sale of the company on eBay. The hiring of Shear appears to mark the conclusion of Altman’s potential return after being fired on Friday, with the board citing a lack of consistent candor in his communications as the reason for his termination.