Suhas Gopinath’s remarkable journey from a school kid to the youngest CEO at the age of 17 serves as an inspiring tale of passion, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit. Born in Bangalore, Gopinath hailed from a modest background, with his father serving as a defense scientist in the Indian Army and his mother as a homemaker. Despite financial constraints, Gopinath’s enthusiasm for computers drove him to a path of self-discovery and achievement.

At the age of 12, lacking access to a computer at home, Gopinath began learning and honing his skills at an internet cafe near his house. To cover the rent, he negotiated with the cafe owner and took on the additional responsibility of managing the cafe from 1 to 4 o’clock, marking his first job. Through hard work and dedication, he became proficient in building websites, leading to his registration as a freelance web designer at just 13.

Gopinath’s breakthrough came with the creation of “,” a project that earned him the title of the world’s youngest certified professional web developer at the age of 14. His talent gained recognition, attracting job offers from major IT companies, including one in the United States. Despite tempting offers, Gopinath turned them down, aspiring to emulate the success of Bill Gates by establishing something significant of his own.

In the year 2000, at the age of 14, Gopinath founded his own company, Globals Inc., providing web solutions, mobile solutions, and related research data. Due to age restrictions in India, he registered the company in California, USA, and later in India, becoming the CEO at the age of 17 and holding the distinction of being the youngest CEO globally.

Gopinath’s entrepreneurial journey faced challenges, with skeptics dismissing him as a mere teenager. Securing investments proved difficult, and many were hesitant to take him seriously. Undeterred, he overcame obstacles, and Globals Inc recorded a turnover of Rs 1 lakh in the first year and Rs 5 lakh in the second year.

His achievements have been widely recognized, earning him prestigious awards such as Karnataka’s Rajyotsava award, the ‘Young Achiever’ award at the European Parliament, and the ‘Young Global Leader’ award from the World Economic Forum. International media outlets like the BBC and the Washington Times included him in the world’s youngest CEO list when he was only 17.

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Today, Globals Inc operates in 14 countries, including the UK, Spain, the USA, Australia, and India, with a net worth of Rs 100 crore. Suhas Gopinath’s story serves as a testament to the belief that age is merely a number, and unwavering passion and determination are the driving forces that shape one’s destiny.