In a remarkable display of admiration for cricket icon Virat Kohli, a cricket enthusiast and successful businessman from Surat, Gujarat, named Utpal Mistry, crafted a one-of-a-kind tribute to celebrate Kohli’s illustrious 15-year career with the Indian cricket team. This extraordinary gift, a diamond-studded bat, aimed to symbolize the brilliance and enduring impact of Kohli’s contribution to Indian cricket.

Commissioned by a passionate cricket fan, the diamond bat was no ordinary piece, featuring a stunning 1.04-carat arrangement of natural diamonds meticulously embedded into its structure. Notably, the diamonds chosen for this special creation were not lab-grown but rather authentic, adding a touch of exclusivity and authenticity to the gift. Reports suggest that the cost of this bespoke diamond bat exceeded Rs 10 lakh, reflecting both the financial investment and the sentiment behind this unique present.

Utpal Mistry, a leading diamond technology expert and successful businessman, played a pivotal role in bringing this dazzling tribute to fruition. He emphasized that the Surat-based patron specifically requested natural diamonds, underscoring the desire for genuine and precious stones to embellish the bat dedicated to Virat Kohli. While it remains unclear if Kohli received this exceptional gift, the gesture stands as a testament to the fervor and admiration that cricket enthusiasts hold for their beloved sports icons.

Utpal Mistry’s expertise in diamond technology has positioned him as one of the prominent figures in the industry. As the Director of Lexus Softmac Company, he, along with his brothers Janak Mistry and Kamal Mistry, has contributed significantly to the field. Utpal’s journey in the diamond industry began at the age of 22, and his breakthrough moment came in 1995 when he designed the Mexi Cut—a revolutionary machine that imparts programmed shapes to rough diamonds.

An engineer and gold medalist from the Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology (SVNIT), Utpal Mistry’s achievements include an MTech from SVNIT and an MDP from IIM Ahmedabad. His commitment to innovation and excellence has made him a respected figure in the diamond technology domain.

In presenting Virat Kohli with a diamond-studded bat, Utpal Mistry exemplifies the passion that binds fans and their cricketing idols in India, showcasing a distinctive and heartfelt tribute to commemorate Kohli’s remarkable journey in the world of cricket.