In a world that often feels disconnected from the days of kingdoms and royalty, Gauravi Kumari emerges as a captivating bridge between tradition and modernity. At the age of twenty-four, she personifies a modern representation of her royal lineage, skillfully balancing her heritage with a contemporary outlook.

Gauravi, born into the distinguished family of Diya Kumari and Narendra Singh, inherits a legacy steeped in history. Her upbringing, adorned with tales of cultural richness, is complemented by a commitment to education. Opting for a degree in media and communication from New York University, Gauravi embraces the opportunities of the globalized world while staying firmly rooted in her cultural heritage.

Beyond her academic accomplishments, Gauravi’s journey unfolds as a testament to the evolving roles of royalty in the contemporary era. Co-founding the PDKF store, she stands as a beacon for the talents of women artisans associated with the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation. The store, a curated display of handcrafted products, mirrors her dedication to empowering these artisans, offering them a platform to showcase their skills.

Her passion for fashion and art transcends professional boundaries and extends into her personal life. Gauravi’s social media presence is a visual chronicle of her love for fashion, featuring her discerning eye for handicrafts and a collection of exquisite artifacts. Her private quarters, adorned with miniature paintings, blue pottery, and enamelware, serve as a reflection of her deep appreciation for artistic craftsmanship.

Gauravi’s professional pursuits extend beyond the borders of her home country. Attendances at prestigious fashion events, both in India and abroad, including the revered Dior Fall 2023 fashion show in Mumbai, underscore her global footprint in the realms of fashion and art.

From interning at ‘Paper’ magazine in New York to co-founding a store that champions women artisans, Gauravi Kumari’s journey encapsulates a narrative of seamlessly blending tradition with modernity. Her story serves as an inspirational ode to heritage and contemporary pursuits, all while fostering empowerment and creativity on a global scale.