Anil Basak, an IAS officer and a successful candidate for the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021, exemplifies unwavering determination.

No opulent schools, employment opportunities, or extravagant luxuries are necessary to crack the UPSC exam; instead, self-confidence and passion play a pivotal role. Individuals from modest backgrounds often achieve success due to their wise and remarkable life choices. Anil Basak, the triumphant applicant for the UPSC Civil Services Exam 2021, stands as a testament to sheer determination.

He cleared the Civil Services Exam and achieved the position of an IAS officer. His father worked as a local cloth merchant. Through his zeal, Anil Basak secured a rank of 45 in the UPSC examination. The success story of Anil, a resident of Kishanganj, Bihar, is profoundly inspiring for various reasons.

Anil succeeded on his third attempt at the UPSC exam. However, he couldn’t pass the preliminary examination on his initial try. In his second attempt, he secured the 616th position. Nevertheless, he persisted and refused to give up. Anil made his third appearance in the Civil Services Exam and obtained an All India Rank (AIR) of 45.

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Anil’s father, Binod Basak, used to travel from village to village, selling clothes. His father faced numerous challenges in life. Anil wished for his father to overcome his struggles. Anil is the second member of his entire family to graduate from class 10.

Moreover, he is undoubtedly the first member of his family to pass the UPSC exam. His father received only a fourth-grade education. Nonetheless, he provided the best education he could afford for his four children. Anil’s elder brother was employed by the Power Corporation in Bihar, while Anil himself went on to become an IAS officer.

In 2014, Anil was admitted to study civil engineering at IIT Delhi. Eventually, he commenced his preparation for the UPSC exam. Due to his challenging financial circumstances, he discontinued coaching after 2018. Anil attributes his achievement to the support of his friends and family.