IAS Madhumita revealed that she experienced disappointment in two prior endeavors. In 2017, she successfully made it to the Mains stage but couldn’t pass the interview. In 2018, she couldn’t clear the preliminary examination.

Diligence and determination are two factors that can lead to the accomplishment of anything. IAS Madhumita’s narrative serves as a prime illustration of this. Although she encountered certain challenges, she never allowed them to obstruct her goals. IAS Madhumita spent five years away from home, distancing herself from social media, and even missing her brother’s wedding.

However, all her sacrifices yielded fruitful results as she secured an All India Rank of 86 in the UPSC civil services exam of 2019. Madhumita did face setbacks in 2017 and 2018, but she diligently worked on her weaknesses and relocated to Delhi for her third attempt, which turned out to be a pivotal moment in her journey.

It was her commitment that earned IAS Madhumita a place among the top 100 candidates.

IAS Madhumita shared that she faced disappointment in two prior attempts. In 2017, she successfully reached the Mains stage but couldn’t clear the interview. In 2018, she couldn’t clear the preliminary examination.

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During her third attempt, IAS Madhumita refrained from using social media and distanced herself from her family. When her brother got married during that period, she opted not to attend the wedding, dedicating all her focus to her studies.

Her sacrifices did yield the desired outcome as she achieved her aspiration of becoming an IAS officer.

Madhumita, originating from Panipat, Haryana, exhibited scholarly excellence since childhood, securing the first position in the Class 10 board exam in 2010 at Maharana Pratap Public School, Samalkha. In 2012, she attained the second rank in the Class 12 board exam.

Additionally, she holds a BBA degree from Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET), Samalkha, and emerged as the top-performing student in the university.

It was her father who envisioned her becoming an officer, prioritizing her professional endeavors over marriage.