Varun Baranwal, perceiving his poverty as a valuable lesson, secured the 32nd position in the UPSC IAS 2016 examination and was subsequently appointed as an IAS officer.

Irrespective of their financial status, individuals aspiring to crack the challenging UPSC examination in India invest tremendous efforts. Candidates from diverse backgrounds dedicate years to diligent preparation and millions appear for the exams annually, yet only a chosen few emerge successful. Succeeding in the IAS test necessitates a strategic blend of diligence, guidance, and unwavering determination.

Aspiring candidates in these examinations often seek inspiration from individuals who have not only cleared the tests but have also gone on to establish respectable careers through their hard work and dedication. Among such remarkable individuals, Varun Baranwal stands out, having made the courageous choice to discontinue his education after the untimely demise of his father at a young age. His journey is truly awe-inspiring.

Despite facing limited support, Varun Baranwal persevered in pursuit of his dream to become an IAS officer. Embracing poverty as a valuable teacher, he secured an impressive 32nd position in the UPSC IAS 2016 examination, ultimately achieving his goal of becoming an IAS officer.

Hailing from the humble village of Boisar in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, Varun Baranwal, an esteemed IAS official, originally aspired to pursue a career in medicine. His father, a hardworking bicycle mechanic running a modest repair business, dedicated significant efforts to ensure his children received a quality education.

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With his father’s bicycle repair business serving as the sole means of income for his family, Varun faced a significant responsibility upon his father’s passing. Determined to shoulder this responsibility, he made the courageous choice to take over the business and provide for his family. Despite the challenges he faced, Varun Baranwal displayed remarkable academic prowess, achieving excellence in the 10th-grade examination.

Subsequently, Varun’s mother took charge of the store and encouraged him to continue his education. However, enrolling in the 11th grade posed a financial challenge for him, as he lacked the necessary funds. Fortunately, the doctor who had treated his father came forward and generously extended immediate assistance, providing Varun with Rs 10,000 to support his educational journey.

Upon completing his education, Varun made a deliberate choice to follow his passion and enrolled in medical school. However, due to the significant cost associated with a medical degree, he decided to shift his focus towards engineering. Varun’s determination led him to secure admission into MIT College Pune, where he dedicated himself wholeheartedly during the initial phase of his engineering journey to earn a scholarship from the institution. With the invaluable support of the scholarship, he successfully completed his engineering coursework.

After completing his engineering degree, Varun secured a job at a multinational corporation (MNC). While his family urged him to continue in his MNC job, Varun harbored a strong desire to pursue a career in government service. To prepare for the prestigious exam, he received invaluable assistance from NGOs who provided him with study materials. With the combined support of everyone involved, Varun successfully passed the exam and was appointed as an IAS officer, realizing his dream of serving in the government sector.