Simran Bharadwaj, an IPS, passed the UPSC CSE on her first attempt in 2022. Her inspiring tale is known.

Simran Bharadwaj’s life story is incredibly inspirational and motivational. IPS Bharadwaj is a native of a Haryana village. She has always desired to join the Indian Police Service. In 2022, Bharadwaj successfully completed the UPSC CSE and earned an All India Rank (AIR) of 172 on her first try. 

Bharadwaj has already passed the UPSC CDS test with an AIR 6 score in 2021 before passing the UPSC CSE.  IPS Simran Bharadwaj frequently relocated around the nation because her father was a member of the Indian Army. Simran attended Army Public School to further her education.

She obtained a spot at Delhi University’s Kamala Nehru College to study journalism after graduating high school. She began preparing for the civil services test while still in college.  She put in a lot of effort while maintaining her preparedness and bachelor’s degree. 

Simran claimed during an interview that she created a study schedule for herself after seeing 40 to 50 videos of UPSC top performers. She also made a list of her strengths and faults. She began getting ready during the Covid-led lockdown.