In an extraordinary feat of passion and adventure, a Canadian man named Jasmeet Singh Sahni has captured the attention of many by driving his SUV from Canada to India. Jasmeet, an avid car enthusiast, undertook a remarkable journey spanning approximately 19,000 kilometers over 40 days. His trusty companion on this epic road trip was his Ford Bronco SUV.

Canada to India by Road

The intrepid traveler traversed through 18 countries before finally reaching his destination in India. Jasmeet’s journey was no spontaneous decision but was meticulously planned over 2.5 years. During this incredible road trip, he faced various challenges, including the need to sleep in his SUV. Undeterred by the hurdles, Jasmeet’s determination and love for exploration led him to complete this unique adventure.

In an interview, Jasmeet revealed that he invested over Rs 25 lakh in making his dream road trip a reality. His route took him through diverse landscapes and cultures, making the journey not just a physical challenge but also a rich tapestry of experiences. One of the highlights of his trip was crossing the border into India from Pakistan, where his family eagerly awaited his arrival at the Attari Wagah Border near Amritsar.

Jasmeet’s Ford Bronco, a popular off-roader in the United States and Canada, became a symbol of his remarkable journey. The news of his cross-continental road trip has quickly spread on social media, with many admiring his spirit of adventure and determination.

Despite accomplishing such an extraordinary feat, Jasmeet’s journey continues. A true car enthusiast, he is already contemplating his next destination for exploration. With a plan to spend the next six months traveling within India, Jasmeet Singh Sahni continues to inspire others with his passion for cars and his adventurous spirit. His story is a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and embark on unconventional journeys.