Kalpana Saroj, a renowned entrepreneur, and businesswoman, has an incredibly inspiring story. Often referred to as the genuine “Slumdog Millionaire,” her journey of struggles and triumphs is truly remarkable.

Kalpana Saroj, a successful entrepreneur, and distinguished TedX speaker, currently serves as the chairperson of Kamani Tubes, a multimillion-dollar company. According to the Times of India, Kamani Tubes generates revenue exceeding Rs 100 crore, along with impressive profits.

Although Kalpana now enjoys success as a businesswoman, her life was far from easy. As the chairperson of Kamani Tubes, she overcame the hardships of being married off as a child at the tender age of 12, which disrupted her education.

Born to a police constable in Maharashtra, Kalpana was compelled to reside in a Mumbai slum with her husband’s family during her teenage years. She endured both physical and mental abuse from her in-laws but was ultimately rescued by her father.

Kalpana faced severe mental anguish and was ostracized by her fellow villagers, leading her to attempt suicide at a young age. Nevertheless, she started earning a livelihood at 16 to provide for her family, nurturing her entrepreneurial mindset.

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Establishing KS Film Production, a production house that released Telugu, English, and Hindi films, was among her accomplishments. Additionally, she expanded her real estate business through networking and eventually secured a position at Kamani Tubes, where she became a board member.

Kamani Tubes faced significant losses, but thanks to Kalpana Saroj’s astute business acumen, she restructured the company and established a profitable model. Presently, her company generates revenue exceeding Rs 100 crore.

According to her own assessment, Kalpana Saroj’s personal assets and net worth amount to approximately USD 112 million, equivalent to around Rs 917 crore in Indian currency. Her life story has inspired millions, earning her the title of the original ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.