Kimmu’s Kitchen was established by Kamaljit Kaur when she was 50. She specializes in making fresh ghee from curd instead of butter or cream.

Women have made tremendous contributions to the business sector, ranging from IT enterprises to Edtech. Women with entrepreneurial talents have achieved remarkable accomplishments, whether they hail from small villages or are graduates from prestigious institutions like IIT or IIM.

One notable example is the story of Kamaljit Kaur, a woman who established a company in her kitchen during the challenging Covid-19 period and transformed it into a profitable business. Kamaljit Kaur founded Kimmu’s Kitchen at the age of 50, specializing in producing fresh ghee from curd instead of butter or cream. Through her innovative strategy, she is generating thousands of dollars each month.

In 2020, Kamaljit established Kimmu’s Kitchen in Mumbai with a primary focus on farm-fresh ghee. Kamaljit shared that she had never experienced any health issues while living in her village in Ludhiana. However, after getting married, she found it increasingly challenging to find fresh dairy products. This led Kamaljit to take matters into her own hands and start producing her own fresh ghee, aiming to provide people with this essential product.

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Kamaljit utilizes milk from the city of Ludhiana in Punjab to craft her ghee, employing the traditional billion methods. However, obtaining milk from Ludhiana was not a straightforward task, and Kamaljit desired to preserve her milk’s unadulterated flavor and quality.

Ghee is produced using curd rather than butter

We are aware that there are various methods for producing ghee, but Kamaljit has her own unique approach. She employs a technique called bilona, which involves using curd instead of butter, cream, or milk to make ghee. The process begins by boiling and cooling cow’s milk, followed by the addition of a teaspoon of curd. The mixture is left overnight, and the next day, the ghee is separated by churning it.

Earnings per month

The demand for Kamaljit Kaur’s ghee has witnessed substantial growth in recent years, with people now placing orders from other countries. Retail bottles of ghee are available in three different sizes: 220 ml, 500 ml, and 1 liter. The price of the 220 ml size increases based on the quantity ordered.

According to Kamaljit’s son, who serves as the company’s CTO, they made over Rs 20 lakh and sold more than 4500 bottles every month in 2021, according to The Better India. She also contributes 1% of her income to gurudwara and to feeding the hungry, according to Zee News Hindi.