Khadija Shah, a renowned fashion designer, is under accusation for allegedly orchestrating the plot to attack Jinnah House. There are strong indications that the Pakistan Army will apprehend her in the near future.

Khadija Shah, a prominent fashion designer from Pakistan, has been implicated by the Pakistan Army as the mastermind behind the assault on Corps Commander House in Lahore, also known as Jinnah House, during the May 9 incident. Notably, Khadija Shah is recognized as a strong supporter of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s political party, PTI.

Khadija Shah is under accusation for plotting the attack on Jinnah House, and there is a high likelihood that the Pakistan Army will soon apprehend her. It is worth noting that Khadija Shah is the granddaughter of Khwaja Asif Janjua, a former Chief of the Pakistan Army. Recently, an audio recording of Khadija Shah has gone viral on social media, where she can be heard expressing her grievances about the Pakistan Army causing distress to her family.

The Pakistan Army suspects that Khadija, being a supporter of the PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) party, is linked to the violent assault on Corps Commander House in Lahore on May 9, following the arrest of former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

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Khadija Shah, on her part, has made allegations that the Pakistan Army raided her residence and physically assaulted her husband.

“They (authorities) forcefully entered my house in the middle of the night and abducted my husband and father. They subjected my husband to physical violence in front of our children… even our domestic workers were subjected to torment,” Khadija asserted.

Khadija Shah has stated that she has not violated the constitution in any manner. Nevertheless, she confirms being a supporter of the PTI and actively took part in the PTI’s demonstration held at Liberty Chowk in Lahore.

Khadija Shah’s father, Dr. Salman Shah, served as the former Finance Minister of Pakistan.