Many students in India start preparing to be engineers after finishing their class 12 exams. Lots of them hope to get into the famous Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) by passing the tough IIT JEE exam. IIT is one of the best engineering colleges in India.

After studying at IIT, students usually get good job offers in India and other countries. But today, we’re going to talk about a graduate who chose a different path after leaving IIT and became a monk.

We’re talking about Khurshed Batliwala, who got an M.Sc. in Mathematics from IIT Bombay. People lovingly call him Bawa, a nickname he got during his time at IIT. Instead of teaching math, Khurshed decided over 20 years ago to help people learn meditation and find happiness.

After finishing at IIT Bombay, I felt it was better to teach meditation and bring joy to people rather than teaching mathematics and making them unhappy,” he said.

After leaving IIT Bombay, Khurshed became an Art of Living teacher and then a monk. He enjoys music and plays the piano. He also manages the Cafe at the Art of Living Bangalore Ashram.

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Khurshed is also a certified Cranio Sacral Therapist and created his own board game called Mumbai Connection. He loves teaching, sharing knowledge, and spreading happiness. He’s organized many motivational and spiritual events for the Art of Living in India and other countries.