Dreams usually start with someone who dreams. Chinu Kala, the boss of Rubans Accessories, is a great example of this. Her story teaches us that hard work and not giving up can help us get through tough times. When she was just 15, China had to leave her home because of family problems. She only had Rs 300 and a bag of clothes. Life was tough. She even slept at a Mumbai railway station for two days. But she didn’t give up. Eventually, she became the owner of Rubans Accessories, a company that makes Rs 40 crores.

In 2014, she started Rubans Accessories from a small shop in a Bengaluru mall. Since then, the brand has sold one million accessories, showing how determined Chinu is.

Chinu Kala lives in a big house in Bengaluru with her husband and daughter. She drives a BMW 5 series. Even though she’s successful, she works 15 hours every day. Her goal is for Rubans to have 25% of the fashion jewelry market share in India.

Chinu’s journey began when she had to leave home during Class 10 at St Aloysius School in Mumbai. She couldn’t finish her studies and faced challenges on the streets. She started selling knives and coaster sets door-to-door, making just Rs 20 a day. Despite many rejections, she kept going and made a name for herself.

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In 2007, she took part in the Gladrags Mrs India beauty pageant and was among the top 10 finalists. Although she earned well from modeling, she knew it couldn’t be a long-term career. In 2004, she got married to Amit, who is now also a director at Rubans.