Kinjal Singh’s journey is a testament to indomitable strength, courage, and unwavering determination. Born on January 5, 1982, in Ballia, Uttar Pradesh, her life took a tragic turn when her father, Deputy Superintendent of Police KP Singh, was brutally murdered in a fake encounter almost 35 years ago in Gonda, Uttar Pradesh. Kinjal, at the tender age of two, found herself thrust into a relentless pursuit of justice for her father.

Her father’s murder unfolded when the prime conspirator, Saroj, fearing exposure to his corrupt activities, orchestrated the fake encounter to eliminate the honest and uncorrupted DSP KP Singh. Despite the devastating loss, Kinjal’s mother, Vibha, emerged as a strong single parent, shouldering the responsibility of her daughter’s education and bravely fighting for justice for her husband.

The quest for justice spanned over 31 years, with Kinjal and her mother making regular trips to the Supreme Court in Delhi. Amidst this ongoing battle, tragedy struck again when Vibha was diagnosed with cancer. On her deathbed in 2004, she entrusted her daughters with the promise to fulfill her dream by becoming IAS officers and securing justice for their father.

Undeterred by the adversities, Kinjal, with unparalleled resilience, pursued her education. She excelled academically and secured admission to Delhi’s prestigious Lady Shri Ram College. However, another blow struck their lives with the demise of their mother. Despite the grief, Kinjal returned to take her final exams and topped Delhi University.

The sisters, Kinjal and Pranjal Singh united in their determination, embarked on the monumental journey of fulfilling their father’s dream by preparing for the UPSC exam. With unwavering focus, hard work, and dedication, Kinjal achieved success by securing the 25th rank in her second attempt in 2008. Her sister, Pranjal, also succeeded, securing the 252nd rank and becoming an IRS officer.

Their journey continued as they pivoted towards the lifelong battle for justice. Their determination resonated through the justice system, leading to a historic judgment. In 2013, after 31 years of relentless pursuit, the CBI special court in Lucknow pronounced punishment for all 18 accused in the murder of DSP KP Singh.

Reflecting on this victory, Kinjal expressed, “I was barely two and a half months old when my father was murdered. I have no memories of him. But I remember how my mother Vibha continued her struggle for justice despite all odds.” Kinjal and her sister became symbols of inspiration for countless girls facing adversity. 

In her role as a civil servant, Kinjal Singh has served as the District Magistrate of Lakhimpur Kheri and Sitapur. Recently appointed as the Director-General of the Medical Education Department, Uttar Pradesh, she continues to embody resilience, determination, and the spirit of justice. Her journey serves as a beacon of hope for those navigating challenges, illustrating that even in the face of tragedy, one can emerge victorious with unwavering courage and commitment.