Ravi worked various odd jobs, including tailoring, construction, goldsmithing, silversmithing, and even home painting, before achieving success in the film industry.

While some achieve success easily, Ravi Basrur knows the true meaning of success, having earned it through an almost impossible journey. Surprisingly, the now highly sought-after music director once lived in a public toilet and couldn’t even afford Rs 10 for food.

History of Ravi Basrur

In an interview with Metro Saga, Ravi Basrur revealed his humble beginnings. Born into a family of sculptors in a music-filled village, he grew up as one of four brothers in poverty. He worked numerous odd jobs, including as a sculptor, construction worker, goldsmith, silversmith, tailor, and house painter. Ravi’s real name was Kiran. As for his education, he failed 8th grade, skipped 9th grade, and didn’t even bother to check if he passed 10th grade.

The extreme survival phase of Ravi

From programming to singing to music directing, Ravi Basrur has worn many hats. He started working at just 14 years old, carving statues of Lord Jesus during the day and playing instruments at pubs and restaurants at night.

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Mumbai police seized Ravi Basrur

Ravi shared with Metro Saga how he once secured a major gig playing music at a popular pub, but upon arriving, he found out the pub had been shut down due to a police raid. Devastated, he had no job or accommodation and couldn’t return to his previous job. On his journey home, he encountered more misfortune – being mistaken for a suspect in a bomb blast and having his guitar and tabla broken by the police. He eventually took a train to Mangalore, crying in the toilet for the entire journey.

Financial problems

Struggling to support his family, Ravi contemplated selling his kidney. In an interview with Metro Saga, he admitted to calling a Mangalore hospital and being prepared to go through with it but ultimately backing out before the surgery. Ravi continued to work odd jobs, at one point even staying in a public toilet for a month and paying Rs 3 per day to the guard. He shared that he relied on meals from temples because he couldn’t afford Rs 10 for food and struggled to find both food and shelter.

Assisted by a friend who provided him with a keyboard, Ravi secured a job at a radio station for Rs 15,000. He worked on 64 movies before his big break with Prashanth Neel’s Ugramm as a music director. Collaborating again with Neel for the K.G.F series, Ravi’s success skyrocketed. His recent project includes composing music for Salman Khan’s Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan.