Lakshmi Mittal, the steel magnate, holds the fifth position among the richest Indians worldwide, possessing a net worth exceeding Rs 146,000 crore ($17.1 billion). Numerous tales showcasing his opulence and extravagance can be found across the internet. Yet, there is another remarkable figure in India’s elite circles, relatively unknown to many in the country: Sri Prakash Lohia, the brother-in-law of the business tycoon. Lohia, who happens to be married to Seema Mittal, Lakshmi Mittal’s sister, stands among the wealthiest individuals in India as well.

A seldom-seen industrialist, Lohia ventured outside India in the 1970s to seek his fortune overseas. Presently, his net worth surpasses Rs 58,600 crore ($7.1 billion). Having accumulated his wealth primarily through petrochemicals and PET, Lohia stands among the wealthiest individuals in Indonesia today. Notably, despite his Indian origins, the businessman predominantly resides in the United Kingdom, following the footsteps of his brother-in-law.

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The journey of Sri Prakash Lohia commenced in the 1970s when he departed India alongside his father to establish Indorama Corporation in Indonesia. Throughout the years, he diversified the business portfolio into fertilizers, textile raw materials, medical gloves, and polyolefins. Currently, Lohia holds the position of Chairman in the group, which has achieved global leadership in the polyester industry. Notably, his brother Aloke Lohia is also a billionaire, although he is based in Thailand.

Sri Prakash Lohia, a graduate with a BCom degree from the University of Delhi, leads a discreet life alongside his wife Seema. The billionaire couple resides in a magnificent 18th-century mansion located in the center of London, which Lohia acquired for a staggering 50 million pounds. They have two children: Shruti, their daughter, and Amit, who serves as the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Indorama Corporation. Apart from his business ventures, Lohia nurtures a passion for collecting lithographs and antique books. In fact, he possesses one of the world’s largest collections of colored lithographs.