A lot of Indians are running different kinds of businesses. Some of the well-known rich people in India are Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani. M A Yusuff Ali is also one of the richest Indians. He’s from Kerala, a state known for its good education. Last year, the Forbes India Rich List ranked him as the 35th richest Indian.

So, who is M A Yusuff Ali? He’s a big retail businessman from Kerala. He’s in charge of the Lulu Group, a company that works in 23 countries across the Middle East, Asia, the US, and Europe. They have over 65,000 employees and make around $8 billion every year.

According to Forbes India Rich List in 2022, M A Yusuff Ali is the richest person in Kerala and the 35th richest in India. His net worth in 2022 was about $5.4 billion, and now it’s $7.1 billion.

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He studied business management and started working with his uncle in Abu Dhabi in 1973. In the 1990s, he opened the first LuLu superstore.

The LuLu Group is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, and they have popular shopping centers and big stores in the Gulf region.

Besides his busy business life, Yusuff Ali is involved in many organizations and helps his community. His wife is Shabira Yusuff Ali, and they have three children. Their oldest daughter, Sabeena, is married to a healthcare entrepreneur named Shamsheer Vayalil.